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The Legalmart is India’s No. 1 E-platform that facilitates all kinds of legal compliances required to meet for starting and running your business. Legalmart is a team of professional experts who provides you wide range of accounting, tax & regulatory, documentation, legal services required to make your business hassle-free and run smoothly. Our services include applying for FSSAI registration for your FMCG firm, GST registration, GST registration for foreigners, apply for digital signatures, apply for PAN, incorporation certificate, professional tax, apply for TAN, and many more. 


The Legalmart is continuously creating happy clients with its unbound satisfactorily services at affordable pricing along with giving you a 100% guarantee for maintaining your firm’s confidential information more safe and secure. We help our clients in meeting all legal regulations and compliances to avoid any confusion later.

If you are looking for a license to start your journey as a successful entrepreneur. If you have desired knowledge and procedure to start your own company but are unaware of the process to get registered. If you have decided no more 9 to 6 jobs. If you want to run your own company that recruits others and create employment but looking for guidance to obtain all certificates like GST, incorporation certificate, MSME registration, etc., then Legalmart has all the perfect solutions that will help you in obtaining not only an incorporation certificate but also all those necessary documents that are mandatory to run a successful company.

It is the no.1 online platform that provides the possible legal solutions to meet compliances and regulations for the registration of your company. We help start-up in registering your companies as a private limited, partnership, proprietorship, public limited company, one person company, limited liability partnership, Nidhi company registration, producer company, and startup India Registration. We also offer digital government registrations like ESI Registration, MSME registration, Import Export Code, Digital Signature, Trade License, Shop, and Establishment Registration, NGO Registration, ISO Certification, PSARA Registration, etc. We help our clients in obtaining a license to start their companies more confidently. 

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Now, start your business with Legalmart that helps you meet legal compliances, services, and regulations from filing for a company to documentation to GST Registration to incorporate certificate. We offer qualitative service even timely. We primarily aim at creating happy clients with our excellent services and give shape to their dreams. 

Any firm having two members in minimum and a hundred members in maximum who have agreed to share the profits and losses of the business mutually, carried by all or by one acting upon all can be termed as Partnership Firm Company. A partnership firm can be formed easily as it has to follow fewer compliances than any other private or public limited company.

A company having a single person who has all the full-fledged authority over the company and is responsible for all the profits and losses of the company is known as a One-Person Company. In other words, it is the company that is run by a single director who is also a sole shareholder of the company.  There can be a nominee of the director but with zero power.

A group of a small stake of shareholders having liability on the company to the extent of their shares contributed and is an entity held by non-government organizations is called a Private Limited Company. Its shares cannot be traded publicly in general but owned and traded by the company.

A company registered under the companies act 2013, is said to be Nidhi Company when its prime objective is to promote savings and frugality among its members. It encourages deposits from its members, also lends them upon their requirement.

A private limited, a partnership, or a limited liability can get it registered itself as a startup in India that is having a period of existence not more than 10 years with annual turnover not exceeding 100 crores since its Incorporation.

A partnership firm by which some or all partners are having limited liability. It means each member of the LLP firm is not responsible for the misconduct or negligence did by any other member.

A Public Limited Company is a separate legal entity and is a voluntary association of members having limited liability. Its shares are traded to the general public and are listed on the stock exchange.

It is the a legal body of farmers or agriculturists. There should either be 10 and more individuals or 2 institutions or a combination of both. It primarily functions to promote businesses in the area of procurement, harvesting, production, pooling, marketing, selling or export.

A company is said to be registered as a Section 8 Company when it is formed with the objective of no profit to promote charitable objects such as art, charity, social welfare, social promotion, etc. There are certain exemptions allowed by the central government to such companies.


It is mandatory for every company to get registered as per the companies’ act, 2013. Registration of the company requires certain documentation, regulations, and compliances to meet. If you are a startup and want to register your company as a private limited partnership, limited liability company, one person company, then get your GST registration, registration for foreigners, professional tax, TAN registration, PF Registration done with a trade mark. We provide different registration services including registration of Incorporation certificate online and get the certificate within a stipulated time frame.

Registration for any document is a lengthy process and requires a lot of patience and effort to submit its supporting documents. Many times, applicants apply for the Certificates and submit all supporting documents but in return get messaged as their application got rejected due to several reasons. And many applicants leave hope for years to start their company because of the tedious lengthy process of Company Registration. 

We, at Legalmart has made all the tedious task of company registration very easy at affordable prices. We provide qualitative and timely legal documentation service with the assurance of your company’s confidential information is safe and secure. We advise you to first decide the preferred company structure if you are a startup to proceed with the registration process. Some certain rules and norms need to follow for the registration of a company for example number of directors, unique name, and minimum capital amount. Also, it requires obtaining a Director Identification Number, GST registration, etc. So why wait, hurry up and contact Legal Mart to stay top in the market by availing the best legal services to get your company registered as a structure chosen by you.

For every business, having a turnover of more than 40 lakhs is required to operate its business only after registering for GST. GST is mandatory for certain businesses. Any business operating without registering as GST is considered to be an offense. It takes usually 2-6 working days to clear the process of GST Registration.

A lot of foreigners are making taxable supplies in India are required to comply with regulations under Goods and Sales Tax. Hence, registration of GST is mandatory for a non-resident of India. We at Legalmart offer you qualitative service to get your GSTIN quickly at your doorstep.

A tax levied and collected by the state government towards the income earned from salary or any kind of profession like a chartered accountant, teacher, doctor, a lawyer is supposed to file for the professional tax. We at Legalmart help our customers in meeting compliances required for professional tax.

It is a 10-digit alphanumeric number that must obtain by all entrepreneurs who are liable for tax deductions and collection. It is generally allotted by the Income tax department and is mandatory to quote at the time of TDS return. Now, get your TAN registration done quickly with Legalmart.

An establishment having 20 or more people is mandatory to obtain registration of PF. In certain circumstances, establishments having less than 20 employees are also required to obtain PF Registration. It is an amount which is contributed by employee and employer and is the amount which employee is entitled to avail its benefits at the time of resignation or retirement.

Trademark and Copyright

Trademark and Copyright are two different intellectual properties. Trademark is a brand that comprises the market concept of your product or service as per the prospective customers. It is the reputation, image,s and emotion of customer associated with your products. It matters a lot that what a customer feels and thinks of your brand.

Once you register for federal trademark, you get nationwide legal protection for your product and service. It is your choice to get registered for the trademark. Generally, every business enrolls itself for the registration of a trademark for the legal safety of their products and services. You can also choose a specific logo or slogan that better expresses your products or services. 

However, it is a matter of choice to get registered for a trademark but if you are still wondering what’s wrong if you don’t get registered for trademark then we must tell you that anyone can use your brand name and sell their products on your company name. Also, once you obtain registration for copyright, then you are entitled to get some rights to create copies of your original work for a stipulated period with some exceptions. So, better is to register for trademark and copyright from Legalmart.

There are certain documents that are required for the registration of a trademark. Some of the important ones are:

  • Identity proof of trademark owner
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Address Proof
  • Logo

This registration protects you from stealing your products, services identity from the competitors in the market.

Trademark Objection

It is a situation by which the registrar has an objection or rejection for the application of your trademark. Now get exponential draft responses from the team of experts at Legalmart.

Trademark Renewal

The Trademark of any company is valid for 10 years only. It has to be applied for renewal after 10years. You will be notified before the due date of expiry of a trademark.

Trademark Assignment

When the ownership of a trademark is transferred from one party to another at upon or not upon the goodwill of a business is called Trademark Assignment.

Trademark Rectification

A legal procedure is initiated to rectify the omission in the details of a Trademark.