Trademark Registration

Nowadays, every business is looking for a trademark to establish themselves as a unique separate legal entity so as to win the trust of their customers. Trademark is a recognizable sign, symbol, word, or phrase that a business owner chooses to represent its products and services in the market. Trademark when used to represent products is called Product Trademark whereas when used to denote service is called Service Trademark Registration. It gives your products and services a unique identity in the market from other enterprises of the same products and services. It gives your business legal protection and acts as a safeguard for your products and services.

You can choose a trademark with your own choice for your business but for a limited period to the extent of a limited geographical area. The trademark without registration is called Non-Registered Trademark. The trademark when registered legally is called Registered Trademark. It prevents other companies to copy your brand and sell their products and services in the name of your company. It gives you legal rights over a symbol, sign, or word as reserved for the trading of your products and services. The trademark has limited period of validity. It has to apply for renewal after every 10 years. It is denoted by the symbol ® when registered or TM for not registered You can also apply for Registration with Legalmart to get a nationwide popular trademark.

Trademark Registration with Legalmart

Trademark is a symbol, sign or a word through which customer looks, values at your products and services. It distinguishes your business from other businesses of the same products. Trademark gives brand recognition to your products and builds trust and Goodwill among your customers. It is because of the trademark customer looks at your products and shops.

Registration of Trademark with Legalmart is important and a quite cheaper process. We offer value for money services with the commitment of timely and qualitative service. We help our clients in choosing corporate slogan, logos and words for their trademark that differs completely from the existing ones of same nature in the market. Trademark prevents others to use the same word, slogan, or logo without your permission.

We help our customers from applying to file to obtain certificate and renewal of trademark without going anywhere but online with us.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Getting a trademark for your company is an advantageous one. It acts as a marketing tool that better demonstrates your business products and attracts the eyes of your target audience. In today’s scenario, the success of a company solely depends upon the trademark legal agent who better designs your trademark based on the marketing strategies.

Once you get a trademark for your business, you get a strong foundation for your business to grow more. It prevents any confusion with the products of your competitors. It gives you a legal license to promote your products worldwide provided you need to have applied for worldwide trademark.

With the trademark, you can give recognition to your products through the medium of any corporate slogan, logos, and words that is best suited to your business. It is a valuable asset for the company that gives legal protection to intellectual property. No one with the same logo or slogan or words can apply for a similar trademark in the trademark office. Below are some exclusive benefits of Trademark. Let us have a look.

  • Exclusive Rights: Trademark gives you exclusive rights over specific word, design, logo or slogan whatever you have chosen for your company as a trademark. It prevents others to copy your business trademark without your permission. However, it can only be resell to third parties only upon your consent. Once you get a trademark, you can promote your products and services nationwide. Along with it, it gives you the right to claim a charge on other parties for misusing your trademark. It gives you the right to promote your brand publicly as a registered trademark and alert others for its copyrights reserved. It also acts as a right to intellectual property and avoids your brand’s confusion with the existing ones.
  • Build Trust and Goodwill: Once you apply for trademark registration in collaboration with the services of Legalmart, you automatically start believing in the trust and goodwill of your business. The prestige of your company reaches higher once you receive brand recognition in your hand that will spread to the entire nation with just a few clicks of mails and branding. It will be a matter of pride for any entrepreneur to get trust from their target audience and high prestige in the market-beating competitors.
  • They create unique brand recognition: If you are trading your products and services without any specific slogan, logo, or word, then it is certain that competitors will sell their low-quality products of a similar kind at high rates on your company name. It will impact a great loss on the goodwill of the company. Ultimately, you have to bear the penalty for indulging in fraudulent activities. Hence, it has now become the need of the hour to give your products brand recognition. A unique name that never exists before. A trademark that recognizes your product as a brand so that your products sell in seconds with the brand name. Therefore, get it to apply for trademark registration with Legalmart and give your product a brand.
  • It is a company’s greatest Asset: Another benefit of obtaining a trademark is that the assets of your company increase with the purchase of the trademark. It is a one-time investment that yields a return for an unlimited number of years. Trademark is a legal entity and acts as intellectual property of the company. It meets all the legal compliances and thereby safeguards the company from being misused by fraud. Upon the receipt of the trademark, the owner of a trademark gets nationwide ownership of the mark and if the trademark is not available, the applicant gets an official notice that the trademark is already owned.
  • Legal Protection: One of the great advantages of having a trademark for your company is, it gives your company legal protection. It means you can appear with your registered trademark in any court of the nation. It gives you the right to claim the triple amount of damage that occur from the infringer. You can file a case against a person who is misusing the registered trademark of your company.
  • Product Differentiation: The products having specific brand recognition become differ from the other products of similar kind prevailing in the markets. It gives your products the strength to stand alone as good and unique products in the market. Customers with your trademark easily recognize and pick your products to buy. Trademarks act as a marketing tool for promoting your products unique in the market.
  • Business Expansion: You can expand your business with brand recognition for your products. Once you obtain a trademark, you can sell and expand your business anywhere within the nation. With the trademark, you get a legal license.

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Types of Trademark Registration in India

There are four types of trademark registration in India that we have mentioned in this article as below:

  • Generic Mark: As the name suggests, this type of trademark is used in general for every product. It is not necessary to protect such marks by the process of registration. For example, if a shoe company is having a brand name with the “Shoes”, then it is just describing the product in general. Hence, such words do not necessarily require registration. The words that describe the products themselves do not require a trademark. However, general words can be combined with specific words to get approved as a. Trademark Generic Marks are considered to be the weakest types of marks that cannot be registered as a trademark.
  • Descriptive Mark: A trademark must have secondary meaning to the product it sells. Only those marks can get approved by companies that have descriptive meaning. It means those marks that are not only suggestive but describes the products or services completely are only eligible for the registration as a descriptive mark.
  • Suggestive Mark: As the name suggests, such marks reveal the hidden nature of the products. They are not clearly stated but have a deep meaning beneath them. For example, Microsoft is a company name that is made up of Micro + Soft and is a company of software. Such marks are generally accepted by companies for registration.
  • Fanciful Mark: Fanciful Mark is the strongest mark among all types of marks. It reflects some relation with the specific nature of the products. Such types of marks are generally more accepted by the companies for registration. It is relative in nature and carries absolute distinctiveness.

Eligibility criteria of Trademark registration

If you are one of the below then you are eligible to apply for the trademark registration. However, different requirements need to fill by each one of them to complete the registration process. Here is a list of those who are eligible.

  1. An Individual
  2. Joint Owners
  3. Proprietorship Firm
  4. Partnership Company
  5. Private Ltd Company
  6. Indian Company
  7. Trust or Society
  8. Foreign Company

Documents required for Trademark registration

Every registration process requires certain documents to apply for. Therefore, to initiate the process of trademark registration, one has to submit the following documents.

  • A copy of Chosen Logo, Slogan, or a word.
  • A copy of Certificate of Incorporation only if the applicant is Private Limited, Public Limited, Partnership Company, or an Indian Company.
  • A copy of address proof or citizenship, if the applicant is an individual or a sole proprietor.
  • Description of the nature of business for which the trademark is applied.
  • Date of use of existing trademark, in case an entrepreneur or company is applying for already used trademark by them.
  • Duly signed copy of power of attorney by an applicant on stamp duty of Rs 100.

How to register a Trademark online

Applying for the registration of a trademark online is a lengthy process. We at Legalmart have made this tedious task so easy by following a step-by-step procedure.

  • Choosing a trademark: An applicant must first be clear of the brand, slogan, or word that he/she wants to use as the trademark of his company. He should surf the internet, make enough research and go through the directory of an existing trademark to avoid any duplicacy and rejection to initiate the process of trademark registration online. The chosen slogan or word should be distinct and unique so that it best describes the products or services.
  • Mark search: Once chosen the slogan, word, or logo, an applicant should search among the existing trademark to avoid any legal issues later.
  • Filing Application: Once the above two steps are done, an applicant can file an application stating complete information of the company along with an application of the brand name.
  • Logo Symbol: A unique logo symbol can also be submitted online that perfectly defines your products.
  • Logo Symbol Tagline: A tagline when combined with a logo adds more value to your products or service. For example, a tag line such as “We add value, we value you” bring strengthen your brand more.

Why you Choose Legalmart

Legalmart is India’s No. 1 online legal company that helps you in meeting the compliances required for running a company. We help people in completing the documents and registration process for the registration of a trademark. We serve from individuals to partnership firms to Private limited companies in getting their registration process done. Below are some reasons why you should choose.

  • We assist you in applying for the trademark registration process.
  • We help you in finding unique and distinct trademarks with thorough research of trademarks Directory.
  • We keep you update about the registration process.
  • We are cost-effective and trustworthy.
  • We meet entire legal compliance on behalf of you.
  • We assure timely and qualitative service