Class 35 Trademark

Class 35 Trademark

Trademarking any product or service is one of the most crucial things any business or individual needs to do when launching a new product or service in the market. This helps them protect the idea or the actual products they are offering as per the laws of the land. For this purpose, there are multiple classes in which these products and services are divided. Classification of such classes facilitates similar services and goods to be identified easily regarding the class in which they belong. One such class is Class 35 Trademark, which is a service class, rather than a goods class, and pertains to business services, consulting services, advertising, marketing, and other promotional services. Here we will talk about the class and the kinds of goods or services that can be considered a part of the class. We will also provide you with a comprehensive and detailed list of the services that come under this class and those that do not to help you make the distinction. Additionally, a comprehensive list of all services in this class based on taxonomy has also been provided to you.

Class 35 Trademark: Business Services and Consultancy

In the trademarks class list, the first 34 classes are goods classes, pertaining to tangible goods only. On the other hand, classes 35 to 45 are service classes. The first among these service classes are Class 35 Trademark, which particularly relates to all advertising, marketing, promotional, and consultancy services. The main purpose of this class is to:

  • Assist in business management of commercial undertakings: The services classified under class 35 can help businesses with better management of all their commercial undertakings through expert consultancy services.
  • Assist in the management of business affairs: Apart from consultancy, the services included in this class can also help business undertakings to manage their business affairs and increase business value and efficiency through advertising and marketing services. This includes outdoor physical marketing, mail advertising, social media advertising, print media, and all other marketing activities that can contribute value to the business.

For meeting the above purposes, Class 35 Trademark includes the following kinds of services:

  • Making a variety of goods and services accessible to customers to enable them to purchase them and indulge in them, through retail stores, wholesale chains, email marketing, print marketing, as well as through websites, product catalogues, and product placements in popular media.
  • Providing official services crucial to a business, such as registration, a compilation of data, systemization of information, and presenting statistical data, among similar other services.
  • Providing specific services through advertising agencies, such as marketing, procuring, distribution, etc.

The detailed list of goods that are classified under class 35 trademark

When talking about the services that are included within this class, there are more than 100 kinds of services that fall under the class of advertising, marketing, and promotion. These range from marketing and business consultancy to design services and even data and information processing. Below is a comprehensive of the entire list of services that can be considered valid under this class:

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  • Administrative tasks, including purchase order processing.
  • Advertising tasks for publicity.
  • Mail order advertising.
  • Advertising on communication media by renting advertisement time.
  • Securing advertising space through rental.
  • Creating and producing videos and films for advertisement.
  • All services provided by advertising as well as public agencies.
  • Auction services.
  • Outdoor advertising services, such as bill-posting.
  • Outdoor advertising services, such as renting and advertising through billboards.
  • Business appraisals.
  • Accounting and book-keeping services.
  • Business management services of reimbursement programs for other businesses.
  • Making business information available through the website.
  • Business research.
  • Business information.
  • Providing project management services for construction business projects.
  • Business investigations.
  • Providing services for managing business and services of freelancers.
  • Providing services for managing business and services of sportspeople.
  • Providing services for managing business and services of performing artists.
  • Providing services for managing business and services of hotels.
  • Business inquiries.
  • Assisting with proper business management.
  • Expert services for enhancing business efficiency.
  • Assistance in business management with advisory services.
  • Consultancy services for business organization.
  • Services for business management and expert consultancy.
  • Expert consultancy services for business management.
  • Business consulting services provided by professionals.
  • Auditing a company.
  • Companies that provide commercial information.
  • Services of commercial intermediation.
  • Commercial and business contact information is provided.
  • Assistance with commercial or industrial management.
  • Commercial management of the licensing of others’ goods and services.
  • Consumer counseling and commercial information [advice shop for consumers].
  • Statistical compilation.
  • Information is gathered and stored in computer databases.
  • File management by computer.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Other people’s data can be found in computer files.
  • Goods demonstration.
  • Material design for advertising.
  • Advertising via direct mail.
  • Publication of advertising material.
  • Samples are distributed.
  • Reproduction of documents.
  • Creation of comprehensive account statements.
  • Forecasting the economy.
  • Job placement services.
  • Import-export firms.
  • Invoicing.
  • For advertising needs, layout services are available.
  • The establishment of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of products and services.
  • On-line computer network advertising.
  • Marketing research.
  • Marketing analysis.
  • Advertising or sales promotion marketing modeling.
  • Third-party business agreements are negotiated and concluded.
  • Services for news clipping.
  • Arranging for others’ newspaper subscriptions.
  • Rental of office devices and equipment.
  • Polling of public opinion.
  • Fashion shows are organized for promotional purposes.
  • Organizing trade shows for commercial or promotional goals.
  • Exhibitions for business or advertising goals are organized.
  • For businesses, administrative management can be outsourced.
  • Services that are outsourced [business support].
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Consultation on personnel management.
  • Recruitment of personnel.
  • Machines for photocopying are available for rent.
  • Services for photocopying.
  • Presentation of commodities for retail purposes via communication media.
  • Services that compare prices.
  • Other people’s procurement services [buying goods and services for the benefit of other companies].
  • Psychological testing for personnel selection.
  • Expert PR services.
  • Texts for PR are published.
  • Rental of publicity materials.
  • Advertising on the radio.
  • Services for company relocation.
  • Pharmaceutical, veterinary, and sanitary preparations, as well as medical supplies, are sold at retail or wholesale.
  • Others’ sales promotion.
  • Sales stands can be rented.
  • Optimization search rating on search engines (SEO).
  • Secretarial assistance.
  • Window decorating for a store.
  • Shorthand.
  • Looking for a sponsor.
  • Organizing telecommunications service subscriptions for others.
  • Information is organized into databases on computers.
  • Tax preparation services.
  • Telemarketing services for tax preparation.
  • Automatic call answering if the subscriber is unavailable.
  • Television commercials.
  • Communications transcription (office functions).
  • Typing.
  • Data in computer databases are updated and maintained.
  • Vending machine rental.
  • Updating of advertising materials.
  • Optimization of website traffic.
  • Processing of words.
  • Writing curriculum vitae for others/résumé writing for others.
  • Texts for public relations.

The detailed list of goods that are “NOT” classified under class 35 trademark

Class 35 trademark includes many tasks and services that form a part of business consultancy as well as marketing and advertising. However, while many and probably most tasks are classified as such, there are many services and goods that are not part of it, and you may be confused about whether they belong under this classification. These tasks may also pertain to a similar category and may be considered a task associated with business and consultancy services.

However, services such as “evaluations conducted by engineers and subsequent reports provided by them for tasks that do not necessarily affect or hint at increased efficiency in managing a particular business unit” can be considered invalid for this classification. Since such tasks do not directly help in managing business undertakings, they cannot be classified under Class 35, which solely caters to business consultancy and advertising and marketing services that help enhance business value.

Complete Listing of All Goods in Class 35 Trademark Based on Taxonomy

Taxonomy primarily refers to the method of classifying different components based on a common metric. In the case of the activities and services included in Class 35, taxonomy can help with further classification of the tasks into multiple sub-categories. These services based on taxonomy include:

  • All activities regarding advertisements and other forms of marketing for the promotion of any product or service.
  • Information regarding commercial trading and consumer information, specifically when it comes to retail and wholesale services of any specific nature; Auction services; Services for subscription; Renting out vending machines; Procurement services on behalf of others; Providing broker services; Services of price comparison; Services regarding business contracts; Ordering services; Services of collective buying; Services regarding acting as mediators and negotiators; Commercial evaluation; Importing and exporting goods; Arranging competitions; Services regarding distribution.
  • Services regarding business assistance, business management as well as services regarding business administration.
  • Services regarding business analysis, market research for businesses, and other information services needed by a business.
  • Additional consultancy and consultancy services associated with all the above-listed services are included in the class along with services regarding renting, leasing, and hiring regarding the same services as included in the class.


Knowing the services that are included in service class 35 is crucial to identify whether the services provided by you qualify for the classification or not. This is crucial since similar services may get mistaken as being a part of the class without contributing to any added business value as a result of such services. In this regard, the list of 107 services can help you understand which tasks are suitable and those that are not. This can help you when you apply for a class 35 trademark yourself.